A Crossdressing Walk in the Morning

A few weeks ago, I posted on Facebook asking for ideas on what I can do en-femme while on my morning walks. The thought behind that post was to get some naughty ideas, something along the lines of mild public nudity, exhibitionism, nudism, whatever you call it. However, it seems like my friends over there are too polite to talk about these themes. I did, however, get lots of very nice advice on feminine crossdressing fitness attire.

Now I am regular early riser. It’s a fairly recent habit but I am starting to get really into it. The feeling of waking up, going to your closet (no pun intended), picking up your favourite comfort androgynous or feminine workout attire and going out for a jog while the sun is still just rising, is just wonderful.

Crossdressing Morning Ritual (getting dressed in my feminine workout attire)

crossdressing bed attire

a feminine bedtime attire

As I have mentioned previously, I have a supportive wife. This allows me to wear mostly gender-fluid or at times outright feminine sleepwear. I sometimes beat the alarm to it, and that goes to show just how much I am enjoying my morning outings in feminine form.

The ritual starts with me heading over to the washroom to take care of obvious necessities. Once that’s done, I quickly lather up and get rid of all the man-hair that crept up on my face while I slept. Once that’s done, it’s time to brush my hair.

That’s one of the few pain points of having long hair. I hate tieing it up before sleep and it’s an absolute pain in the morning if you do not brush it right away.

After that is out of the way, it’s time for the fun to begin! I head over to the closet and pick out the day’s choice of feminine leggings. Now I don’t yet have a large selection to choose from. I went for a crazy pink which I only wear for my indoor workouts, a nondescript black which is most often my choice of wear and a slightly more risqué stripped black and net mesh that shows my leg. I haven’t worn that yet.

On this day, I choose the simple black. It’s a Zelocity high waist leggings. Put on my white ankle socks and finally black and pink striped running shoes.


That takes care of my bottom half. For the top, I honestly haven’t shopped much yet. I have a tight fit, v-neck sportswear tee-shirt/top, again with a slight pink stripe near the top.

I pull my hair into a high ponytail. I have worked hard on my chest, trying to build up some natural breasts. I don’t want weird man-boobs either. And, I must say, I am beginning to get pretty happy about where I am at. I skip the bra.

As much a sacrilege it might seem, I actually do want to run and get a solid workout done and a stuffed bra that’s pulling against your chest as you pulse rises is not a great feeling. I have tried it.

That just about completes my morning workout attire.

The walk/run itself is what keeps me walking up in the morning every single day. I just love how the cool breeze feels against the taught leggings, how my hair is pulled back like a hot athlete’s, how my own firm breasts feel against the synthetic fabric.

I often stop by a lake which is around the trail that I run along, take in the sky turning from all black to inky blue, then shades of organce and purple. I am usually back before it is completely daylight. Not for any other reason but that fact that the novelty gets quickly robbed in the mundane daylight.

[PS: Here are a couple of more shots of the attire. Apologies for the bad light. I mostly don’t switch the bright lights on that early in the morning.]