90 Day Feminization Challenge

The complete Male to Female Transition Guide

The 90 Day Feminization Challenge is the most in-depth, realistic and yet demanding male to female transition and transformation guide you will find on the internet. There are no magic pills, no expensive salon visits, no medical procedures. The challenge focuses on transforming you from wherever you are – a first time crossdresser, to an experienced lady, to a whole new level of femininity. This is not so much a crossdressing guide, as it is a guide to feminine conditioning of your mind and body.

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What is the 90 Day Feminization Challenge?

 What is this challenge all about? How did it start? What does it contain? Is it for you? Why should you follow it? Can you do it in your privacy? Can I transform more than just physically? Find all about it.

The Story

3 years ago, I was in one of the worst positions I could be – both emotionally and as an overall human being. I was in a career that although very lucrative, was getting unsatisfying. The once gorgeously feminine and androgynous body I had was gone and what I had was an ugly beer belly. I had not taken care of my skin, my hair (on the head and elsewhere) and generally, I was a “boring man” that you’d pass by in a crowded plaza and never turn back.

I decided to take life head on and not get lost in that crowd. I worked out, scoured the internet for guides on how a gender fluid man could transform into his former feminine inclining form. After months of research, I realised that there exist no such end-to-end transformational guide that actually worked for me who had a “normal” life and a demanding career and family to take care of.

That’s when I decided to make my own challenge. Since then, I have done this challenge twice. This will be my third. Given how gruelling and challenging the transformation is, I do NOT recommend doing it for more than 3 months at a stretch and not redo it for 3 months in between.

Male to Female Transition – Body

The entire focus of the challenge can be seen divided into 2 main parts and 1 follow-up section. The two main sections are body and mind. The challenge will first transform your body from a typical male figure to a generally feminine, soft and lithe physique. You will lose weight, tone your fat, distribute lean muscle in places that will make you more feminine.

We’ll work on getting rid of belly fat, increasing your endurance, we’ll get lean, shape your butt, your legs, your hair, and your skin. We’ll grow natural looking breasts. You will be more feminine than ever before. And oh yes, you will certainly turn a few heads.

Male to Female Transition – Mind

If your mind is still stuck in “guy mode” none of the physical transformation will help. Sure, you can still follow the Body section of the challenge irrespective of your gender identity and get fit. But this is a feminization challenge. We’ll focus on condition our mind to be more feminine. There will be sexual sides to it as well but that’s entirely up to you to follow up on.

Aside from that, we’ll get rid of typically masculine behaviour is that not sexy or “cool” anymore; even for straight women. We’ll transition our wardrobe to a more gender-fluid one, clothes that fit our better body and feminine form better than outright crossdressing. We’ll change out daily behaviour, and much more.

90 Day Feminization Starts: