An inspiring 5 months HRT male to female transition story

We have all heard stories about how brave and determined trans people have transitioned to what they really are inside of their bodies. But seldom do we really understand what this wonderful people go through – form fear, trepidation and pain, to relief, confidence and love.

Today, I am starting a new series of real life transition stories of trans men and women. Read them, laugh with them, cry with them. But above all, love and do not judge.

Today’s story is one of courage. It takes courage to not only conquer hurdles, but also to tell the world what you are going through. Read on!

It’s been the 5th month already since I started my hrt and basically this is the first time after a lot of troubles and self-acceptance issues that I feel calm and okay. Since I started I kinda lost my family, my parents rarely bats an eye on my life and my siblings behave like I don’t even exist, not even my birthday or anything was interesting enough to say some gentle words (or at least some words at all).

But you know, I don’t care. My love is with me even after I started my journey, she loves me I and I love her so much and I’ve found a new family in my new friends and as a teacher I have the most wonderful and accepting students that I’ve ever met.

They give me so much energy and help in order to relieve the pain. However I’ve had to start taking antidepressants recently as I still feel a lot of guilty for some reason. My gf says that I did nothing wrong but it’s just hard to deal with this hate without feeling terrible.

But yeah, whatever! Wish me luck if you want, if not, well I am learning to not care. 🙂

5 Month HRT Male to Female Transition

Liked what you read? What’s your take of our friend’s experience? Did you face something similar? How did you cope with it? Let us know in the comments below!