Feminine Music for those girlie times!

I’m all for passive femininity. My brand of crossdressing and gendering bending has always been a lot about latent female overtones rather than an in-your-face drag lifestyle. If you have read the preparatory part of my 90 day Feminization Challenge, you’ll know what I am talking about (if you haven’t, go read that now!).

feminine music crossdressing

In a gist, I believe that there is a lot more to gender bending than just clothes, make up and physical attributes. I focus on sights, smell, colours and more, to keep myself in a delightful feminine trance. Music, therefore, plays an important part.


I am genre agnostic

Before I list the kind of girlie music that gets me grooving, I wanted to say that I am generally music genre agnostic. Depending on the mood, the occassion, the day of the week or the weather, I generally favour one genre or gender vocal to the other. There are of course genres I usually avoid – R ‘n’ B, Soul are two that I cannot seem to appreciate a lot. Punk rock is another that I haven’t favoured too much over the years with the only exception being Blink182 (remember “All the small things?”).

I love metal, alternative rock, heavy metal, indie rock (yes, a lot of rock in there),  psychedelic and EDM.

Having said that, sometimes, you need an overdose of girl music, especially when you are dressed in those cute skits, heels and stockings!

So here are my pick of the best feminine music numbers I groove to when the moment demands it.

5 Feminine Music Pieces for Crossdressing

1. Complicated – Avril Lavigne

If there ever was one song solely written for us girls, it is perhaps Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated”.

2. It’s Raining Men – The Weather Girls

I don’t know what’s playing on your girlie minds, but this song has quite the naughty version in my head!


3. Stop! Stop! Stop! – The Hollies

This is a beautiful piece of music that deserves a place in most playlists, even if you are not into overly feminine music. The lyrics are touching to say the least. If you are interested, here’s the even better original.

4. Dress You Up – Madonna

Can you ever keep the Queen out of any list? Hell no! And if the name of the song isn’t by itself enough to start listening, the lyrics certainly will.


5. Habits (Stay High) – Tove Lo

This is one of my more recent fascinations. The tune is haunting, totally love her voice,  the song is sexy, sad bordering on something inherently powerful. It’s femininity written all over it in all its glory.

What are your favourite girlie songs?

Over to you! What are your favourite girlie songs? I’d certainly not mind a few new tunes to groove to next time I am in a particularly feminine mood!