5 Crossdresser Bras every MTF Transgender Girl Must Have

Wait, what exactly are crossdresser bras? Sorry to burst the bubble, but there are no bras specifically made for crossdresses. At least none that I know of. What I mean here is, 5 types of bras every crossdresser must have in her wardrobe.

There are numerous bra types to choose from and taking a call can be really difficult. Trust me, no matter how flattering those push-up bras or wired bras might look on women, they don’t work for crossdressers. Unless you are wearing breast forms. But that’s not what we are going to cover here.


Read on to know about the top 5 bra styles every crossdresser and transgender woman should have in her wardrobe.

1. Balconette Bra


Also commonly known as a shelf bra, a balconette bra is a must have for crossdressers. It creates a gorgeous shape under whatever you wear – from tight fitting tops to lovely dresses. It creates the illusion of lift of the breasts to enhance their appearance, shape, and cleavage.

Recommended bras:


2. Front Closing Bra

front closing bra crossdressing


I don’t have to explain the benefits of this one! Somehow, genetic males are just not wired to be as flexible as women. At least not without a lot of practice. These bras made my life so much easier in the early years of my crossdressing.

As the name suggests, front closure bras have hooks on the front rather than the back which makes fastening and un-fastening so much easier.

Recommended bras:


3. Convertible Bras


The bra straps can be detached and rearranged in different ways depending on the outer garment. Alternative strap arrangements include traditional over-the-shoulder, criss-cross, halter, strapless and one-shoulder.

I don’t have to say it; this type of bra is a sheer blessing for crossdressers! Imagine having one bra that is perfect for just about any kind of dress you can think of!

Recommended bras:

4. Wireless Bras


In the beginning, I mentioned why underwired bras are terrible for crossdressers. Unwired bras don’t have a hard wire in them which makes them immensely more comfortable to wear and moulds to your chest.

Also, they offer amazing support so they are perfect if you wear breast forms.

Recommended bras:


5. Strapless or Adhesive Bras

strapless bras for men crossdressers

Sometimes described as backless or strapless bras or a stick-on bra. Usually made of silicone, polyurethane, or similar material, they are attached to the underside of the breasts using medical-grade adhesive.

Some versions provide one piece for each breast. These are perfect if you do not want your bra straps too show. Brilliant for backless and strapless dresses.

Recommended bras:

Your Turn

What’s your favourite bra style? Is there a specific kind that has worked really well for you? I’d love to know. Leave a comment below!