Month: April 2017

5 Months Male to Female HRT Transition Story

An inspiring 5 months HRT male to female transition story We have all heard stories about how brave and determined trans people have transitioned to what they really are inside of their bodies. But seldom do we really understand what this wonderful people go through – form fear, trepidation and pain, to relief, confidence and love. Today, I am starting a new series of real life transition stories of trans men and women. Read them, laugh with them, cry with them. But above all, love and do not judge. Today’s story is one of courage. It takes courage to...

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90 Day Feminization Challenge – The Preparation Part I

Before we get started on the 90 Day Feminization Challenge, we need to prepare ourselves. If you haven’t oriented yourself with the details of the challenge, what it is, is not, and what to expect, I strongly recommend reading the introduction page and subscribing. It will give you the right context and keep you updated with my progress through the course of the 90 days and beyond. Preparing The Body for Male to Female Transformation People say that if the mind is in place, the body is merely a vessel. I do agree, however, I have also found that...

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